Partnering with independent and community cinemas to stream new and acclaimed films from around the world

YourScreen is a unique virtual cinema now open to all film-lovers, but developed specifically for community cinemas and independent theatrical exhibitors whose ability to screen films has been interrupted by the current pandemic.

With venues closed or operating at limited capacity, and audiences reluctant or unable to venture out, YourScreen gives film-lovers access to a virtual cinema with a regularly refreshed programme of new films not available on other UK digital platforms.

YourScreen shares revenue with partnered exhibitors, and if you are a community cinema or film club, partnering with YourScreen is your best choice to meet obligations to subscribed members. If you are a film-lover hungry for an alternative to the mega-platforms, you’ll find the carefully-curated, manageable selection of award-winning world cinema offered by YourScreen irresistible.

While YourScreen provides a short-term solution to the current pandemic, it is also a long-term opportunity for independent cinemas to programme complementary films for different audiences, introducing a year-round revenue stream without the overheads. For film societies and clubs YourScreen is a marketing tool and a recruitment call to boost membership. For all film-lovers, the YourScreen virtual cinema’s doors are open and your seat awaits you.

How it works

If you’re a theatrical exhibitor or a community cinema and currently can’t screen in-venue, YourScreen provides an extra, virtual screen on which to offer an online programme of global cinema mostly unavailable on any other streaming platform and complementary to your in-venue screenings. Every two months YourScreen presents a new season of up to eight films – you can select as many or as few as you wish. Please click in the boxes below to find out more. 

If you are a film-lover seeking out interesting new films, click the button below to go straight to our platform.

Community Cinemas & Film Societies

Film societies and clubs will find a wide range of titles chosen to appeal to community cinema audiences.

Independent Commercial Cinemas

Keep your audiences engaged with a selection of films fresh from major film festivals worldwide, most of them as yet unreleased in the UK.

Current season

March 1st – May 23rd 2021 

includes these films:

An Impossible Project

Jens Meurer, Germany / Austria / UK, 2020, 99m, n/c – 12+ advisory, documentary, some sub-titles

A man spends a fortune saving the last Polaroid film factory – meet Florian ‘Doc’ Kaps, champion of analogue technology.

Availability period:
March 1st – May 23rd (no longer available)


Esther Johnson, UK, 2016, 72m, n/c – 12+ advisory, documentary, archive footage, hard-of-hearing captions, F-rated

Eye-opening archive footage tells the story of Sunderland in WW1, when the town was on the domestic front line.

Availability period:
March 1st – April 30th (no longer available)

Cat In the Wall

Vesela Kazakova / Mina Mileva, Bulgaria / UK / France, 2019, 92m, n/c – 15+ advisory, drama / comedy, some sub-titles, triple F-rated

A stranded moggie becomes the ‘cat’-alyst for this lively examination of race and class issues in post-Brexit London.

Availability period:
March 1st – March 31st (no longer available)

The Humorist / Yumorist

Michael Idov, Russia / Latvia / Czech Republic, 2019, 100m, n/c – 15+ advisory, comedy / historical drama, sub-titles

A Soviet-era stand-up comedian made rich and famous by a tired old routine tries some riskier material.

Availability period:
March 12th – April 25th (no longer available)

The Drifters

Ben Bond, UK , 2021, 91m, n/c – 15+ advisory, drama / romance

Vibrant love-on-the-run romance with poignant things to say about contemporary Britain. Gloriously shot and colourful with a free-wheeling ambience, this is just the antidote for the pandemic blues.

Availability period:
March 12th – May 23rd (no longer available)

A Coach's Daughter / Córka Trenera

Lukasz Grzegorzek, Poland, 2018, 95m, n/c – 15+ advisory, drama, sub-titles

Maciej pushes daughter Wiktoria to achieve more as a rising tennis star. She dearly loves him, but still – she rebels. A deft examination of a paternal love so consuming it  borders on the destructive.

Availability period: March 19th – April 18th (no longer available)


Thomas Bidegain / Marc Fitoussi / Tristan Aurouet / Cyril Gelblat / Vianney Lebasque, France, 2019, 108m, n/c – 15+ advisory, comedy / drama, sub-titles

A no-holds-barred satire on our love affair with all things digital, Selfie takes on our digital shortcomings and shows how the new 2.0 era is driving all of us nuts!

Availability period:
March 26th – May 23rd (no longer available)

Veins Of the World / Die Adern der Welt

Byambasuren Davaa, Germany / Mongolia, 2020, 96m, n/c – 12+ advisory, ethnographic drama, sub-titles, F-rated

A David vs Goliath battle of tradition vs modernity set against the breath-taking backdrop of the Mongolian steppe, as a son takes on the struggle of his father against the threat of encroaching mining operations.

Availability period:
April 13th – May 23rd (no longer available)


Meryem Benm’Barek-Aloïsi, France / Qatar / Belgium / Morocco, 2018, 80m, n/c – 15+ advisory, drama, sub-titles, triple F-rated

A family manoeuvres amidst Morocco’s draconian laws when daughter Sofia finds herself pregnant out of wedlock.

Availability period:
April 23rd – May 23rd (no longer available)

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