How it works for Community Cinemas

Every two months YourScreen will announce a new season of five to eight films, any of which you’ll be able to select for inclusion in your programme. All will be great films deserving of an audience, but some will have been included because of their strong appeal to community cinema audiences. We will announce each season at least a month before it starts to give you time to make your programming choices – you can choose as few or as many of the films as you wish. The films will be available for at least a month – sometimes for the entire 2-month season – and can be watched by your members at any point during the availability period.


The Procedure

  1. Once we’ve received your expression of interest we’ll send details of each new YourScreen season well in advance of its launch date.
  2. To help you choose we’ll provide secure online screeners, or you can register for one of our Virtual Preview Days during which forthcoming titles can be viewed at no cost on our streaming platform.
  3. When you have selected films we’ll send a promotion pack containing a trailer link, hi-res stills, production notes, press reviews and a synopsis for each film.
  4. We’ll then agree on the charges and send you an invoice.
  5. When we have received your payment we will send you a unique access code to pass on to your subscribing members so that they may watch the films at no cost.
  6. You can also promote your chosen titles to ‘guests’ – those who would pay admission on your door – via a different code which will admit at modest cost on a TVOD (‘viewer pay-per-view’) basis.
  7. If you operate a ‘hybrid’ model – ie, part subscription, part pay-on-the-door – we can devise a bespoke charging arrangement to suit you. 
  8. We track all views originating from your community cinema, so can let you know how many have watched each film.

Your Viewers can:

  • Watch at no cost (for members of community cinemas which have paid an up-front fee).
  • Watch at significantly discounted cost (if they usually pay door admission at your physical screenings).
  • Watch at any time during a film’s run, but we encourage you to nominate a ‘playdate’ and promote that to your members to preserve a sense of collective experience.
  • Download a filmnote for each film.
  • Watch Q+A sessions with crew and / or cast members at no cost, either ‘live’ on our platform (when they’ll be able to participate by submitting questions) or later in recorded form from our archive.
  • Browse all the other titles on our streaming platform and watch any of them at discounted admission price (we can provide a unique promo code to enable this). It’s like having access to an ever-changing ongoing film festival!


We plan to minimise costs to community cinemas, but, on the assumption that your members pay a subscription, we expect to charge you (on a per-film basis) a proportion of the total cost to you of presenting a screening in your physical venue. So, considerably less than the total you would pay to hire the hall, cover the license fee, purchase the disc and any other costs incurred in the presentation of a conventional screening. For groups that operate on a ‘hybrid’ basis we can tailor a payment model which is part fee and part TVOD (‘viewer pay-per-view’), or exclusively TVOD if that suits you best. We understand that each community cinema is a special case, and can work with you to devise a costing model which works for both parties